About us:

Tobin Film Studio is an independent Film Studio ran by a small group of awesome people. Since 2007 we have been making short films and putting them on the internet. 

My name is Max Tobin, I am 18 years old and I run Tobin Film Studio. That means I'm the guy that directs the films and answers emails and stuff.

The G himself, Max Tobin (known to friends and drug dealers as Maxy-T) directing long-time friend and dickhead George Glasby.




We have been lucky enough to experience a lot of success at global film festivals, so for our principle achievements, go check out the Festivals page of the website here: http://www.tobinfilmstudio.org/festivals/


 I (and the Studio as a whole) am sponsored by 'Sony Creative Software'. Our showcase on their website can be found here: 


Many (over 5) Tobin Film Studio productions such as Rubber Duck and The Light Switch have aired on American TV.


I (Max) have done professional film production work for the charity 'Under Tree Schools' that fund building schools in Sudan. Their website is here: 


And here are a few articles about us:

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I also operated a camera for an episode of the BBC series 'Panorama' and am titled in the official closing credits here:

 Yes, that does mean me, I promise.

Yes, that does mean me, I promise.

Actor Matt Jones on our high-tech set for Rubber Duck.

 Director Max Tobin instructing actor Jonny Stevens for the school scene in Rubber Duck.

Director Max Tobin instructing actor Jonny Stevens for the school scene in Rubber Duck.

The Main Studio People

Max Tobin (Writer/Director)

George Glasby (Actor/Writer)

Rachael Brown (Actor)

Matt Jones (Actor/Composer)

Charlie Bruce (Actor)

Special Thanks To our top PRODUCERS

David Smith

Jennifer Tobin 

Dale Bewan

David Sagstad

Steven John James

Nazreen Ayub 

Keith Hobley 

Chris LaFountain 

Steve Foldvari

Simon John James

Benjamin De Waal