My debut novel 'The Deep Dark' is available in paperback on Amazon and digitally on iTunes.

Thanks so much to David Smith for his wonderful editing prowess.


“Finally, the white completely pierced Harton's eyelids, and he strained them open. The usual, dreadful flash of his alarm light, unrelenting in its ability to piss him off. Those fifteen or so seconds between waking up and taking his mood pills were probably the worst of his day. But the others, he knew lying in his colourless sheets, would remain uncompromisingly tedious.”

The Home is divided into hierarchical vertical layers. The highest accommodate a structured, sterile and entirely logical society. Layer 1 on the other hand, is the opposite, a frenzy of passion, love and violence. Harton lives a carefully controlled life, trained as a Retainer to ensure order prevails in the top Layers. But after an important scientist goes missing in the Home’s depths, Harton is forced to travel downwards to the intemperate masses to kill him.

Confronted with opposing ideologies of faith, humanism, logic and pragmatism, Harton finds himself at the centre of a violent struggle of philosophy that will change the course of the entire human race.


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