Enrichment by Max Tobin

W...w...what? Max forgetting to update his blog again? 

Sorry folks, for anyone that frequents this lovely news page, I have once again neglected you, for which I apologise wholeheartedly. That said, to make it up to you, please enjoy the announcement of our new dark comedy: 'Enrichment' in this video update:


Well there it is! This year's film! It's a long, challenging, continuity-error filled road, but we should come out of 2015 with a fantastic film! I was struggling to choose our next project after Visco Fuse during it's production, and in the back of my mind I had this crazy idea about a group of college kids running a heist on what turns out to be a big-time drug dealer. I figured it was too crazy since i'd need like £1000 just to make the film without upgrading any of my kit, and I'd also need a huge cast (including adults) and permission from my college to make a drug-related film along with plenty of other things. Thankfully things somehow worked out and now here I am stupidly dedicating myself to actually making it! But hey, it's gonna be really, really awesome, so you won't hear me complaining. Unless of course this season of Game of Thrones is cancelled...

I REALLY hope you don't hear me complaining.


Disco Fuse by Max Tobin

Sooooo sorry for the lack of updates lads and ladettes. Things have been extremely busy at Tobin Film Studio, its not easy fitting in regular filmmaking when you have to also juggle starting college, partying and constantly correcting people on the name of your newest film (no, it's not 'Disco Fuse'). That said filming has been going well and we are now down to having only one day left, involving the two large set pieces and climax of the short. We are planning to complete this in the next month, so a late October release should be expected for the project.

As for anyone still confused about what exactly the film is after watching the not-so-aptly named 'reveal trailer' (see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjxJK5aU9v0 ), good! Your confusion gives me hope that the finished product will still shock and surprise my lovely audience, who will notice almost immediately that the film is somewhat distant from what you may expect from out cute little production house...

So without rambling on too much, what I wanted to say for anyone that actually reads this blog (other than thank you) was that you should be seeing Visco Fuse quite soon. I may still post another video update before release, but that is a definite maybeAs always if you have any questions for me my email is: maximtobin@outlook.com, and I'll leave you with some lovely pictures of what we have shot so far.


Visco Fuse by Max Tobin

Just a quick update to say that I (Max) am now in the final two weeks of my annoying GCSE exams, meaning that production of Visco Fuse will start very soon now! I haven't talked too much about the film yet, so all I will reveal is that it is a dark look inside the mind of a teenage serial killer...not exactly the light comedy you may have come to expect from Tobin Film Studio!

Anyway me and principal actor George Glasby will finalize the scripts together after finishing school, and the film will be produced in the following months. I can't give an exact date yet but a September release isn't out of the question, still our films do have a knack for being delayed so I will do myself a favour and set nothing in stone! 

So without further ado, to wet your appetite for the film, here's a teaser poster for Visco Fuse, from the fantastic graphic designer Reuben Haynes (reuben.graphics)


Progress is key by Max Tobin

I haven't updated the website blog in a while, so here I am. If you're a Tobin Film Studio regular you're probably all up to date from my YouTube videos, so if you're reading this you're probably someone who is checking my stuff out for the first time, or hopefully a journalist reading up so he can make a documentary out of my eventful life. But probably the first.

Anyway here's all the progress we've made so far with our new film 'Rubber Duck' in one place, so you can see how well we're doing!

Yesterday I released a pretty snazzy trailer featuring music by the amazing band OK GO who we are working with for the production, you can watch it here:


I have also posted a detailed video update with info on our partnerships and progress and even a clip from the film which you can feast your eyes upon here:


We have been gaining publicity in a few papers recently, mostly documenting the partnership between us lovely youth filmmakers and the fuzz themselves. Our local police force are being amazing and helping us with the production, renting us actual uniforms and letting us film inside their lovely station! Needless to say I am extremely grateful for them, and the film will be much better because of their help!


Robert as a policeman.PNG

So with juggling school GCSEs and the filmmaking, I have been a  bit pressed for time, but nonetheless we are making great progress and are swiftly moving towards our late April release date, so stay tuned for more news, and I will post another update here upon the film's release!


Kickstarter Update and Merry Christmas! by Max Tobin

Just a quick update to apologize for the lack of posting in the last couple of weeks (sorry about that) and say that the Kickstarter project will be made live in January as me, Matt and George will be filming the video in a couple of weeks ready for the funding scheme. The project will run throughout the month and we will begin filming in late January/February. We expect the film to be released by March but like 'Erasable', it could well be delayed a few weeks! 

Anyhoo enjoy your Christmas everyone, I'm taking a little break from work for the holiday and will post more in January when Rubber Duck is in full swing!


Thanks for your support as always and merry Christmas!


Erasable Press by Max Tobin

Some awesome web-publicity on Erasable by the fantastic journalist Jason Slater in this article, check it out here! :



Also the Rubber Duck Kickstarter should be up sometime this month, I'll post some more info on it very soon, just need to make the video and finish some scripts! My school exams are now finished and I finally have time to dedicate to the production, the original soundtrack is also making very good process!

For now, despite it being fairly early, Merry Christmas!


Also... by Max Tobin

I forgot to add, in the meantime click the 'subscribe via email' button at the bottom of the page to be kept in the loop, many more announcements will be coming soon, and they'll be on this website first!

New Website by Max Tobin

Woah Max, why is the website suddenly all slick and well designed, and how come the domain has changed?

Well I will tell you. We have finally changed website hosts to Squarespace, who offer a fantastic online service, and are a great provider of website hosting. Although things have changed the Tobin Film Studio website is still primarily the same, you can still stream films, still contact me and still read the news (which  I will be posting more regularly now). 

On a more important note, we are still just starting up production of 'Rubber Duck' and in just a weeks time me and Matt (star of Underage Vampire who will lead in Rubber Duck) are finished with our horrific mock GCSE exams and can dedicate more time to the film! Hoorah!

We will be starting additional photography, editing scripts and of course starting up the Kickstarter ready for January when we will start actual production. I apologize in advance for the length of time it will take to make Rubber Duck, just as it did Erasable, but promise you that with the extra time we can spend on it, the finished film will be much funnier and generally more entertaining than if we were to rush it!

I'll be posting many updates in the meantime and to keep things running smoothly you may well see some sketches and short short films on this website and over on YouTube. In the meantime thank you very much for your continual support and enjoy the snazzy new website!


Max T