New Website / by Max Tobin

Woah Max, why is the website suddenly all slick and well designed, and how come the domain has changed?

Well I will tell you. We have finally changed website hosts to Squarespace, who offer a fantastic online service, and are a great provider of website hosting. Although things have changed the Tobin Film Studio website is still primarily the same, you can still stream films, still contact me and still read the news (which  I will be posting more regularly now). 

On a more important note, we are still just starting up production of 'Rubber Duck' and in just a weeks time me and Matt (star of Underage Vampire who will lead in Rubber Duck) are finished with our horrific mock GCSE exams and can dedicate more time to the film! Hoorah!

We will be starting additional photography, editing scripts and of course starting up the Kickstarter ready for January when we will start actual production. I apologize in advance for the length of time it will take to make Rubber Duck, just as it did Erasable, but promise you that with the extra time we can spend on it, the finished film will be much funnier and generally more entertaining than if we were to rush it!

I'll be posting many updates in the meantime and to keep things running smoothly you may well see some sketches and short short films on this website and over on YouTube. In the meantime thank you very much for your continual support and enjoy the snazzy new website!


Max T