Progress is key / by Max Tobin

I haven't updated the website blog in a while, so here I am. If you're a Tobin Film Studio regular you're probably all up to date from my YouTube videos, so if you're reading this you're probably someone who is checking my stuff out for the first time, or hopefully a journalist reading up so he can make a documentary out of my eventful life. But probably the first.

Anyway here's all the progress we've made so far with our new film 'Rubber Duck' in one place, so you can see how well we're doing!

Yesterday I released a pretty snazzy trailer featuring music by the amazing band OK GO who we are working with for the production, you can watch it here:

I have also posted a detailed video update with info on our partnerships and progress and even a clip from the film which you can feast your eyes upon here:

We have been gaining publicity in a few papers recently, mostly documenting the partnership between us lovely youth filmmakers and the fuzz themselves. Our local police force are being amazing and helping us with the production, renting us actual uniforms and letting us film inside their lovely station! Needless to say I am extremely grateful for them, and the film will be much better because of their help!


Robert as a policeman.PNG

So with juggling school GCSEs and the filmmaking, I have been a  bit pressed for time, but nonetheless we are making great progress and are swiftly moving towards our late April release date, so stay tuned for more news, and I will post another update here upon the film's release!