Visco Fuse / by Max Tobin

Just a quick update to say that I (Max) am now in the final two weeks of my annoying GCSE exams, meaning that production of Visco Fuse will start very soon now! I haven't talked too much about the film yet, so all I will reveal is that it is a dark look inside the mind of a teenage serial killer...not exactly the light comedy you may have come to expect from Tobin Film Studio!

Anyway me and principal actor George Glasby will finalize the scripts together after finishing school, and the film will be produced in the following months. I can't give an exact date yet but a September release isn't out of the question, still our films do have a knack for being delayed so I will do myself a favour and set nothing in stone! 

So without further ado, to wet your appetite for the film, here's a teaser poster for Visco Fuse, from the fantastic graphic designer Reuben Haynes (