Disco Fuse / by Max Tobin

Sooooo sorry for the lack of updates lads and ladettes. Things have been extremely busy at Tobin Film Studio, its not easy fitting in regular filmmaking when you have to also juggle starting college, partying and constantly correcting people on the name of your newest film (no, it's not 'Disco Fuse'). That said filming has been going well and we are now down to having only one day left, involving the two large set pieces and climax of the short. We are planning to complete this in the next month, so a late October release should be expected for the project.

As for anyone still confused about what exactly the film is after watching the not-so-aptly named 'reveal trailer' (see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjxJK5aU9v0 ), good! Your confusion gives me hope that the finished product will still shock and surprise my lovely audience, who will notice almost immediately that the film is somewhat distant from what you may expect from out cute little production house...

So without rambling on too much, what I wanted to say for anyone that actually reads this blog (other than thank you) was that you should be seeing Visco Fuse quite soon. I may still post another video update before release, but that is a definite maybeAs always if you have any questions for me my email is: maximtobin@outlook.com, and I'll leave you with some lovely pictures of what we have shot so far.