Enrichment / by Max Tobin

W...w...what? Max forgetting to update his blog again? 

Sorry folks, for anyone that frequents this lovely news page, I have once again neglected you, for which I apologise wholeheartedly. That said, to make it up to you, please enjoy the announcement of our new dark comedy: 'Enrichment' in this video update:


Well there it is! This year's film! It's a long, challenging, continuity-error filled road, but we should come out of 2015 with a fantastic film! I was struggling to choose our next project after Visco Fuse during it's production, and in the back of my mind I had this crazy idea about a group of college kids running a heist on what turns out to be a big-time drug dealer. I figured it was too crazy since i'd need like £1000 just to make the film without upgrading any of my kit, and I'd also need a huge cast (including adults) and permission from my college to make a drug-related film along with plenty of other things. Thankfully things somehow worked out and now here I am stupidly dedicating myself to actually making it! But hey, it's gonna be really, really awesome, so you won't hear me complaining. Unless of course this season of Game of Thrones is cancelled...

I REALLY hope you don't hear me complaining.